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About Us

Green Olive Care is a family-run care agency providing domiciliary care and agency work throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire with full CQC registration.  


The company was founded by an experienced care worker with first-hand homecare expertise, an NHS medical doctor with a detailed understanding of the role of the multidisciplinary team in hospital discharge support, and a trained engineer with over 10 years of experience in people management and health and safety compliance.


Our management team also includes a registered nurse with 10 years of experience in providing safe, effective, and high-quality care in various healthcare settings such as community district nursing, acute medicine, surgery and and clinical research.

Our professional background, skills, and knowledge span various fields including palliative and elderly care, district nursing, and medical research. Our experience enables us to build strong working relationships with local multidisciplinary teams including GPs, district nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, and various other health and social care professionals.

We aim to provide high-quality care and support services to enable people to remain at home independently.

We provide high-quality staff with a philosophy of care based on:

We aim to:

  • Promote confidence through providing individualised care that recognises cultural and ethnic diversity.

  • Deliver care with courtesy, compassion, and competence.

  • Provide an attentive and fair service that respects privacy, dignity, and rights to make decisions.

  • Supply well-trained care workers who can be adaptable and flexible to changing needs.

  • Involve the families, main carer’s or responsible individuals in all decision-making processes.

At Green Olive Care we...

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