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At Green Olive Care we employ high-quality staff through a detailed and robust recruitment and selection process and the maintenance of training, development, and supervision.

We take importance in matching the needs of clients with the skills, experience, and interests of their care workers.

Prior to starting care work, we ensure all staff have:

We ensure all staff keeps our philosophy of care and aims and objectives central to the work they do.

Care workers are offered training opportunities to improve their skills and further development.

Green Olive Care also liaises with care workers through staff meetings, appraisals, and training programmes to enforce the correct use of all policies and procedures.


Staffing Solutions

At Green Olive Care, we understand the need to have skilled and reliable staff and meet the demand of staff shortages.

We also provide care workers for residential, nursing homes, and care agencies.

If you are an agency or care home in need of care workers.

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